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Historischer Stich von afrikanischen Feldarbeiterinnen

… folgt im Winter 20/21!

Die Geschichte Afrikas

Die Türkei am Scheideweg?

… folgt im Winter 20/21.

Die Türkei am Scheideweg?


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Singen und Stimmbildung...

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für die Reisen nach Corona

Sprachen: Crashkurse …

… folgt im Winter 20/21.

Nach dem Urteil – was dann?

Im Winter 20/21:

Politische und ökonomische Folgen des Klimawandels

Fit im Alter

… folgt im Winter 20/21.

Vom guten Altern

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Sommerprogramm Online

reduzierte Programm ab 1.6.2020

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Open University – Courses in English

VHS Zurich offers each semester a selection of courses in English. Not simply language courses but courses treating scientific matters in philosophy, history of arts and others.

Die Volkshochschule Zürich bietet jedes Semester eine Auswahl von Kursen auf Englisch an. Nicht einfach Sprachkurse, sondern Kurse zu wissenschaftlichen oder linguistischen Themen.

Join the Open University:

Ethics helps us to decide between right and wrong, and nowhere is this more needed than in contemporary social issues that affect us. In this course we shall examine and discuss important questions in...

Dr. Marco P. Pompili (Rinaldi)
An Introduction to Japanese Architecture
Japanese architecture is more known through its commercialised stereotypes (like Zen inspired contemporary minimalism) than through its characteristics and historical settings. Focusing on the themati...

An introduction to the history, literature, visual arts, music and landscape of Ireland in modern times. Alongside the work of writers and artists, this course will consider uprising against colonial ...

A number of courses had to be stopped because of Corona. A remade program will be published soon.

Usual fees apply. 50% discount for participants below 30 years of age. Create Your myVHS-account and then subscribe for U30.